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Who is the God, in God’s Own Country?

Who is the God in God’s Own Country?
It is a fair question. The Marxists, who are not permitted to believe in God rules Kerala and shamelessly proclaim that Kerala is God’s own country. I was sure, something is wrong somewhere. Then I saw and heard the climax of the Marxist party’s well organized state conference at Kottayam two years back. The groupism in the party as promised was ended and only the burning pyre was to be lit. Then what happened, we all saw it live in TV.
Rain and Dance. The burning pyre doused. Leaders running hither and thither. An unrehearsed fiasco. Strong reprimands and don’t care attitude of the booze. The God had intervened. Sure.
But who was this God? The omnipresent one who attends and caresses even the non-believers’ party conference. The God is everywhere, in the pillars and the walls, Prahlada’s words were confirmed by Lord Vishnu himself by his incarnation as Narasimha, the lion man.
In Kerala I am sure there is a God, and he is now with the Marxists. It is historical. Lord Vishnu’s two incarnations, Vamana and Parasurama are directly connected with Kerala. And God Almighty sent St. Thomas to Kerala coast centuries before the pagan Europe heard about Jesus Christ. So Kerala is God’s dear land. No doubt. He changes form, we know, depending on the circumstances and need.
Bhagavad Gita clearly says.
Abhyudhanam Adharmasya…
Whenever there is wrongdoings, I would take new forms and will be there is. Lord Krishna had told Arjuna.
Now which form he has taken in Kerala?
From the 1940s nobody who was not a communist was accepted as a normal human being in Kerala. Everybody was a communist or at least a socialist. Even the most ardent capitalist in Kerala was socialist, if not communist. The communist capitalists organized trade unions and led agitations. All the political groups, even the blatant caste based and religion based political parties also swore by socialism. The Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary all three pillars of democracy here wore socialistic gowns. The Fourth estate not only swore, but also led the other three in vocalizing it.
The real new God was Communism. But nobody got upset about it. Kerala Communism was a very special variety, homemade, a heady spicy mix of Chinese Marxism, Russian mafia, Cuban dreams, orthodox Hinduism, Lord Ayyappa and a shot of democracy for taste.
Kerala, the God’s own country was always ready to replace God with Marx, Satan with bourgeoisie, heaven with classless society and the temple with party. The replacement saga is not over. It still retains the fancy of the public. Kerala people are searching for an idol and experimented with Vivekananda, the world renowned Hindu philosopher, Sree Narayana Guru, Kerala’s spiritual and social revolutionary, and EMS, the outstanding politician Kerala had produced in the post independent era who had almost outwitted spices and changed the color of Kerala map on the world atlas from the lush green to blood red. Kerala started boasting itself by democratically electing world’s first ever-communist rulers. Even hardened communists of Russia and China couldn’t believe it. Really they looked with suspicion at Kerala people and rarely their leaders who used to have very friendly relationships with the Central Government in Delhi included Kerala even in their sight seeing tours.
Even the opponent political parties in Kerala had to swear by socialism to survive and rule the state in alternate five year terms.
So really in which form the God appeared in the Marxist Party’s state conference and made His presence known?
Now I knew. God always deal with the top and it is easy for him. Who knows, He also may be a capitalist in his thinking, otherwise, why should there be such poverty and misery in the world, I was wondering. The God talked to Karatji, the general secretary, I am sure. And malayali Comrade Karat spelt it out in oxfordian English quoting EMS, the all knowing doyen.
It was just before the ceremony of lighting the fire at the funeral pyre of factionalism in the party.
He said.
Our God is now our Parliamentary Aspirations.
Long live the God.
In God’s own country, how can He appear in another form!


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